Drug Development Services Singapore

At Covance, Singapore houses our regional headquarters with local expertise overseeing high-quality clinical operations as well as food solutions services. From early development to commercialization, we offer a range of flexible solutions to move your project forward. 

  • Faster recruitment with access to investigators and patients in more than 100 countries worldwide

  • Selected as the preferred provider for 15 of the top 20 global food companies

  • Consistent, high quality data through global SOPs, platforms and standards across central laboratories 

Photo of a drug development scientist in Singapore.
Solutions in Singapore

As your partner, we leverage our experience to share unique perspectives and ultimately deliver your quality results. Learn more about how we can work together and advance your innovation. Some of our local solutions include:

In addition to our local services, we also have development solutions in neighboring areas within the Asia Pacific region:

  • Nonclinical Development: Leverage our dedicated expertise and operations across the region to deliver unique perspectives on your development program. Our CFDA GLP certified facility in Shanghai, China features a number of accreditations to fulfill global quality standards (FDA, OECD, etc.). Specific solutions for small molecules and biologics are available to reduce costs and gain efficiencies for your project. 
Local Expertise

Together, our network of scientific experts can meet your global requirements in any phase of drug development. We rely on past experience to provide insights and help you reach decision points faster. 

  • Project management: Meet your study milestones with the support of our project management team, skilled at fulfilling unique study requirements and handling complexity.
  • Regulatory support: Rely on our regional expertise and talented staff to help you navigate submissions and ultimately accelerate your timelines.

Regarded as a globally-connected hub for the Asia Pacific region, Singapore is known for attracting business based on its respect for intellectual property, driven workforce and expectations for integrity and quality. Consider other key benefits of working in Singapore: 

  • Strategic location: The central position and robust global transport system make Singapore ideal for easily shipping and receiving samples to and from both emerging Asian markets and established global locations.
  • Established infrastructure:  As well-matured country, Singapore has an established network of hospital and research centers to support a variety of trials.
  • Favorable regulatory timelines: Singapore’s relatively easy custom clearance and a stable regulatory environment allows for one of the fastest ethics approval timelines in the world. 

With our unique combination of regional knowledge and global experience, we’re ready to work together and explore what’s possible. Learn more about how we can deliver your results. 

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