Anatomic Pathology and Histology Services

Globally consistent practices and sophisticated assays guide your prognosis, therapy selection and disease monitoring. 

Serving your Oncology Needs Worldwide.

  • You’ll access one of the largest and most comprehensive oncology genetics menus

  • Receive consistent interpretation and combinable data 

  • Support your unique trial needs with leading-edge science

Photo of an anatomic pathology scientist at Covance.
Your Needs

Innovate in anatomic pathology intelligently.

Interrogating molecular pathways and characterizing a well-defined target patient population require innovative solutions. With over 100 assay validations performed for oncology clinical trials, we have broad experience to help you understand your therapeutic mechanisms of action and reach decision points—earlier. 

A matter of synergy.

It takes more than state-of-the-art technology and facilities to advance your study. You need the power of collaborative partnerships to realize new efficiencies. From protocol design to timely results, Covance can seamlessly manage central laboratory testing across our global alliance with many major oncology centers and our pathology laboratories to deliver actionable, combinable data. 

Consistency counts.

While global consistency is crucial to your study success, we know that no two studies are alike. Let us handle your kit customization challenges, exotic assays, logistics and referral lab procedures. When you partner with Covance, you’ll discover that our flexibility to meet your unique anatomic pathology needs can make all the difference.

Our Capabilities

Leading pathology laboratories, pathology services and more.

Receive the widest range of anatomic pathology and histology clinical services—from routine procedures to highly specialized methods—to support your testing needs. You can also leverage our alliance with NeoGenomics to access even more oncology solutions. Our combined dedication to consistency and specimen integrity delivers your quality results.