Clinical Core Laboratory Testing Services

Access a wide range of high-volume specimen testing, including serum safety chemistry panels, urine chemistry, urine drug screens, CDC lipid panels and specialty lipid testing.

Tap into complex genomic analysis with next-gen sequencing, biomarker translation, gene expression profiling, microRNA profiling and SNP genotyping. From high-throughput processing to specialized methods, you’ll receive actionable data to meet your scientific objectives.

Photo of a series of vials used in Covance clinical core laboratory automation.

Receive same-day turnaroundeven with high volumes of specimenswith our uniquely automated tube handling and global automation strategy. Choose from hematology CBC, urinalysis, flow cytometry, hemoglobinA1c testing and PBMC isolation. 

Rely on our expert team to measure biomarkers, hormones, specific antibodies or viral markers in urine, serum or plasma and gain early insights into your patients’ responses to therapeutic intervention.

Take advantage of our full complement of testing including bacteriology, mycobacteriology, mycology, parasitology, virology and molecular diagnostics.

Meet your study’s distinct endpoints with our extensive support for assay development, validation and customization. Along with comprehensive support for coagulation, electrophoresis, nephelometry, liquid chromatography, toxicology and small instrument studies, we offer multiple platforms to handle your most demanding needs.

Your specimens are irreplaceable. Ensure their safety and integrity in our purpose-built biorepository backed by fully redundant power supplies and auditable tracking systems throughout the chain of custody.

Build additional efficiencies into your process with on-site sample bioprocessing, such as nucleic acid extraction. All annotated specimen data are managed by validated informatics platforms to help translate your scientific discoveries into promising therapies.