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With over 80 unique hematological malignancy cell lines, such as the CD19+ Raji-Luc lymphoma model, the MV-411-Luc leukemia model, and the MM.1S-Luc multiple myeloma model, we lead the industry with market-relevant models for your studies. We also have an ever-expanding list of solid tumor models validated in NSG mice to support the field’s drive toward approval of an adoptive cell therapy (ACT) in a solid tumor indication.

Discover an unparalleled breadth of experience in the use of mouse tumor models to evaluate adoptive cell therapies (ACTs). With a broad range of disseminated and subcutaneous tumor models characterized in NSG mice, and a scientific team that knows how to apply them, we can guide selection of the right tumor model for your CAR T cell or other ACT study.

Tumor Models Characterized in NSG Mice

  • Models (Currently Available)


    22Rv1 Prostate carcinoma
    H-1299 Non-small cell lung carcinoma
    Hep 3B2.1-7 Hepatocellular carcinoma
    KG-1-Luc-mCh-Puro Myeloid leukemia
    MM1.S (pMMP-Luc-Neo) Plasma cell myeloma
    MOLM-13 Plasma cell myeloma
    MV4-11-FUW-Luc-mCh-Puro Acute monocytic leukemia (AML)
    NALM6-Luc-mCh-Puro Lymphoblastic leukemia
    NCI-H929-Luc-mCh-Puro Plasma cell myeloma
    PC-3 Prostate carcinoma
    Raji-Luc Lymphoma
    RPMI-8226 Plasma cell myeloma
    SK-MEL-28 Melanoma
    SK-OV-3-Luc-D3  &  SK-OV-3 Ovarian adenocarcinoma
    SNU-5 Gastric carcinoma
    U-251-Luc-mCh-Puro Glioblastoma
  • Models (In Progress)


    A549 Non small cell lung carcinoma
    BT-20 Mammary ductal carcinoma
    BT-474 Mammary ductal carcinoma
    BxPC-3 Pancreatic adenocarcinoma
    H-1299 Non-small cell lung carcinoma
    Jurkat Lymphoblastic leukemia
    MDA-MB-231-Luc-D3H2LN Mammary carcinoma
    NCI-H1703 Squamous cell lung carcinoma
    NCI-H1975 Lung adenocarcinoma
    SK-BR-3 Mammary adenocarcinoma

Tumor Models by Histotype, Targeted with Adoptive Cell Therapy: Hematological Malignancies

Tumor Models by Histotype, Targeted with Adoptive Cell Therapy: Solid Tumors

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