Safety Pharmacology

An integrated drug development approach to GLP and non-GLP safety pharmacology assessments to help you progress from discovery through ICH. Explore testing specializations for in vitro & in vivo cardiovascular (CV) testing as well as neuroscience (CNS) and drug abuse liability assessments for your nonclinical studies.

  • More than 100 studies completed each year

  • A globally harmonized platform across technologies

  • An integrated, multi-disciplinary approach

Drug Abuse Assessment Education Center
Your Needs

You need to meet the regulatory requirements of the ICH core battery studies. But, what about your own business risks? With many compounds, it’s possible to clear ICH hurdles only to face a host of safety endpoint issues as you advance from discovery, through early development and into clinical study phases. You need a value-added partner to help identify unsafe compounds earlier than ever before, at the lowest possible cost.

By looking at safety pharmacology through a business risk lens, you begin to see the process of safety assessment in an entirely different light. We call it VAST — Value Added Safety pharmacology & Toxicology. Now you can economically assess your endpoints during your toxicology studies to make better safety predictions, earlier than ever before. With many compounds running into safety issues during the clinical phases, there is a great opportunity to anticipate these data in your nonclinical stage, saving you time and money long-term. By better understanding and reducing the risk of drug attrition of your molecule, you are able to progress forward with more confidence — and with the right molecules. Rethink what’s possible and gain a markedly different approach to your early safety assessment regimen.

Our Capabilities

We offer you an integrated approach to non-GLP and GLP safety assessment to help you progress from discovery through ICH.

Our multi-disciplinary team is well positioned to help you obtain your endpoints to meet regulatory requirements, uncover future issues and advance the best molecules.
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Integrated Safety Pharmacology and Toxicology Solutions