Flow Cytometry Solutions

Scalable flow cytometry solutions and a range of expertise help guide therapies from discovery through commercialization using cutting edge technologies.

Flow cytometry is a powerful and versatile analytical technology used in novel drug discovery and development. Scientists with deep experience and flow cytometry expertise are available early in the process to help determine the most appropriate assay development and validation strategy. An efficient off-the-shelf solution may be appropriate for some parts of a clinical program while novel or highly complex flow assays may be validated to solve biomarker challenges. 

Vials for flow cytometry

Translational Biomarker Solutions (TBS) 

TBS provides experimental flow cytometry solutions and support for complex assay development in a flexible environment, providing robust exploration that can guide new paths forward in biomarker discovery. Investments in instrumentation support multiplexed assay support using >18 color flow cytometry, and mass cytometry with the Fluidigm Helios CyTOF instrument. The TBS team helps transition seamlessly to a CAP/CLIA or GxP environment for qualification, method validation and implementation.

Brentwood Validation Hub

Fit-for-purpose, custom flow assays are developed and validated at the Brentwood Validation Hub, a center of excellence for flow method development. From supporting receptor occupancy, immunophenotyping and functional testing, Covance validates flow cytometry assays detecting activation markers, phospho-proteins, rare cell identification (CD34 HSC, PNH, MRD) and apoptotic checkpoints. 

Flow in all 5 Central Lab Locations

Extensive flow cytometry technologies have been implemented across the global network of Covance central labs, where a dedicated team of operational staff, data analysts and validation scientists play a key role ensuring minimal technical variability and high quality results. Instrumentation includes:

  • FACSCanto™ II
  • FACSLyric™
  • Bio-Rad ZE5

Targeted Cell Isolation – a Complementary Expertise to Flow Cytometry

Sample processing is at the beginning of all good flow cytometry data, so globally standardized procedures have been implemented to isolate, purify and preserve samples for downstream phenotypic and functional flow testing. Instruments are being qualified for automated PBMC isolation. This automated process increases throughput, and helps maintain optimal viability and recovery of cryopreserved PBMCs.

The Covance Targeted Cell Isolation Unit offers:

  • PBMC and BMMC Isolation
  • Wash Procedures
  • CSF and Ascites Fluid Cell Isolation
  • Circulating Tumor DNA Isolation
  • Immuno-Magnetic Bead Isolation


Board certified hematopathologists trained on each available platform review and interpret flow cytometry results, including assessments of minimal residual disease by flow cytometry for leukemias, lymphomas and plasma cell neoplasms.