Discover Unrealized ROI With GlobalCODE® End-to-End Specimen Management

Thanks to our secure, cloud-based platform, GlobalCODE gives you real-time visibility into your specimen data so you can perform in-life interventions to address issues before they become a real issue. You can also quickly adjust assays based on trial results and regulatory challenges. The result? Actionable insights that help you get to market that much sooner.

Are you getting the most out of your data?

  • Eliminate missing, disorganized and scattered data with a single, in-real-time interface 

  • Manage data across protocols, programs and areas of research

  • Identify actionable (and often profitable) insights to advance your studies

Covance welcomes Global Specimen Solutions
Your Needs

Unified Data, Single Interface

Instead of using disparate systems and methods to maintain your specimen information repositories, GlobalCODE gives you end-to-end lifecycle monitoring, cross-protocol analysis tools and informed consent management all within one, easy-to-use platform.

Improving Efficiencies and Outcome

In the pharma industry, true innovation is slowed by inefficiencies in data management. In fact, only 6-20% of all data generated is actually analyzed. GlobalCODE allows you to spend less time gathering data and more time analyzing it.

Our Capabilities

GlobalCODE® Helps You Accelerate Scientific Discovery

Don’t let your next big discovery go undiscovered. As the world’s leading network of clinical research central labs, we understand the challenges of specimen lifecycle monitoring and managing clinical trial data. 

To address these challenges and support new efficiencies, GlobalCODE® allows you to:

  • Unite critical specimen data across multiple sources and formats
  • Link informed consent, specimen, clinical and biomarker data into a single system
  • Fully track and manage specimen lifecycles end-to-end
  • View and analyze assay results in real-time across labs and locations
  • Enable real-time custom visual dashboard reports
  • Access, track and manage informed consent and regulatory compliance for your entire pipeline 

With GlobalCODE®, you can track your samples from collection to destruction with informed consent management to see a truly singular view of their specimens and biomarker data for the first time – bridging problematic data gaps and silos.

Patented SaaS Platform Means You’re Always at the Leading Edge of Technology

With quick installation and onboarding, GlobalCODE can be fully live in 10 weeks for all functions. Plus, we provide regular updates to ensure you’re getting the latest innovations in speed, efficiency and security. 

GlobalCODE is a scalable, fully outsourced solution that frees up you and your staff to focus on scientific discovery.