Close the Data Gap with Pipeline Data Management Solutions Powered by GlobalCODE®

Gain unprecedented visibility and access to your pipeline specimen, assay and biomarker data – across protocols and programs – and enable insightful, real-time analytics that drive decision making in your clinical trials.

Unlock and optimize your clinical research

  • Integrate specimen data and eliminate data silos with a single informatics platform

  • Leverage powerful analytics to turn biorepositories into a translational science resource

  • Reduce time, cost and risk of trials via unified specimen, assay and informed consent data

Covance welcomes Global Specimen Solutions
Your Needs

Unified management of your specimen data with powerful analytics

Collecting, standardizing, storing and analyzing specimen data is an intensive process in today’s complex clinical trials. Sponsors have realized that dealing with vendors’ diverse data sets through in-house software licensing, development and data entry often represents a costly process that delivers fragmented, incomplete solutions. 

More value from your entire specimen lifecycle

New solutions are needed to manage the increasing number of stored specimens, complete with demographics and consent data, to create a dynamic and searchable translational science treasure trove.

From biomarker data to biorepository status, specimens hold a wealth of useful data but this information is often compartmentalized across vendors and is maintained in a variety of incompatible formats. Aggregating this data via cobbled together in-house systems isn’t cost- or time-effective and LIMS do not provide the end-to-end specimen tracking or the reporting needed to draw actionable insights. A new approach is needed that will allow aggregation of all specimen data and associated consent and clinical data into a unified, easy-to-query source that helps speed your compounds toward regulatory approval.

Our Capabilities

A strategy to address the data gap

As the world’s leading network of clinical research central labs, we understand the challenges of specimen lifecycle monitoring and managing clinical trial data. That’s why we’re offering new informatics capabilities through GlobalCODE®.

To address these challenges and support new efficiencies GlobalCODE® allows sponsors to:

  • Unite critical specimen data across multiple sources and formats
  • Link informed consent, specimen, clinical and biomarker data into a single system
  • Fully track and manage specimen lifecycles end-to-end
  • View and analyze assay results in real-time across labs and locations
  • Enable real-time custom visual dashboard reports
  • Access, track and manage informed consent and regulatory compliance for your entire pipeline 

With GlobalCODE®, sponsors can track their samples from collection to destruction with informed consent management to see a truly singular view of their specimens and biomarker data for the first time – bridging problematic data gaps and silos.

Built by specimen management experts with extensive pharmaceutical experience, GlobalCODE® brings valuable new approaches into clinical trial testing, allowing the integration of previously-separate data streams such as specimen lifecycle tracking, assay results and consent. This SaaS platform is quickly implemented, letting you rapidly build and deploy custom reports that match your program’s requirements. Once running, the underlying functionality can flexibly adjust and scale to keep up with evolving and expanding processes. Additional services are available for informed consent codification, data curation, regulatory compliance and enhanced monitoring of specimen logistics and quality. Sponsors have already used the power of GlobalCODE® to: 

GlobalCODE® is designed to fully track and manage specimens virtually to quickly deliver the insights you need in one comprehensive view.  With your specimen data combined and easily accessible - across protocols, programs and even an entire pipeline - you can quickly query for specimen availability, location and consent, produce dynamic visualizations of analytics and make informed decisions for more timely, cost efficient and effective clinical trial management.  

The comprehensive and real-time design of GlobalCODE® optimizes trial performance, reduces costs and maximizes the usefulness of study data.