Central Labs and Clinical Laboratory Services

Tap into the power of the world’s leading network of clinical research central labs to access a wide range of comprehensive solutions. From standard testing to customized assays, you’ll receive globally consistent, actionable data to drive your studies forward—faster.

Covance generates more clinical trial data than any other central laboratory in the world.

  • More than 50 million results last year alone

  • Greater than 98% reportable tests

  • More than 97% of data packages delivered on time

Covance Central Labs: Day in the Life Video Series
Your Needs

You need consistent results, from any location. Covance has five central labs, strategically located around the globe to deliver the uniform, combinable data for your project.

With streamlined processes guided by uniform procedures, we can ensure optimal process control, while still providing complete global coverage. Tighter controls give you greater confidence when delivering your clinical trials’ most precious asset—quality data.

Extract the most value out of our globally integrated central laboratory network with the help of our scientific and operational experts. With deep experience gained from more than 4,400 clinical trials during the past five years across all therapeutic areas, we know how to optimize your studies. Whether you need high volume safety testing or specialized biomarker/assay development, we’re ready to help you realize new insight.

Unforeseen events can impact the timely delivery of your high-quality data. Whether it’s specimen delivery logistics, natural disasters or even political upheaval, we have the right processes and service experience to mitigate potential issues, before they derail your timelines. That’s how we achieve 97.4% on time file transfers across all our studies. At Covance, we proactively plan for the issues we can’t predict, so you don’t have to.

Our Capabilities

Anywhere you need us, we’re here. Across our global network of five central laboratory facilities, we employ the highest level of control to minimize variability and enhance data quality. Each facility has aligned technology platforms and standard global operating procedures to provide you with consistent and combinable data.

You’ll receive the most comprehensive menu of scalable solutions, covering the spectrum from large-scale clinical trials testing to custom assay development. Our experts can also support your biomarker efforts and manage parallel companion diagnostic development from concept to the clinic. We continue to develop new testing services to proactively address evolving needs.