COVID-19 Testing, Drug Development, Diagnostic and Device Solutions

Whether you are developing a COVID-19 assay, a vaccine to prevent patients from getting COVID-19, an antiviral or a treatment to mitigate the severe immunological response (cytokine storm) associated with COVID-19, we can partner with you to provide critical drug development and diagnostic services to address the global pandemic.

Covance: We're in this together. Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic to make a difference for patients.

Spanning development from diagnosis to delivery, we’re on a mission to increase your speed to market and accelerate much needed COVID-19 treatment options across the world. Learn how we can work together, help you achieve your aggressive goals and ultimately meet patients’ urgent needs.

Video: The moment COVID-19 hit, LabCorp’s nearly 65,000 employees began to fight the virus with innovative testing and treatment solutions. Through a focus on science, we have played a critical role in improving outcomes for patients, providers, and our global community. Play video.

Enable a highly collaborative partnership with our COVID-19 Response Team

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A dedicated and highly coordinated COVID-19 Response Team will help connect you to the right people and regulatory authorities to expedite your development.

Seamlessly integrate cross-functional expertise for your end-to-end development

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Transition quickly between phases and eliminate risky handoff points that can impact your timeline. As you move to the next phase, our breadth of coordinated services extend your team’s scientific and medical expertise as you move ahead to the next phase of your COVID-19 development journey.

Apply diagnostic insights and proprietary patient data to recruit for clinical studies

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Flexibility, nimbleness and unparalleled patient insights are essential for COVID-19 testing and drug development. Refine your recruitment strategies with unparalleled patient and investigator site data and transformative technologies to enable study design, patient recruitment, forecasting, site selection and study monitoring.

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  • Critical care inpatient and outpatient experience
  • Experience with more than 700 infectious disease trials and more than 150 vaccine trials in the last 5 years (see central laboratory testing and clinical trials)
  • Experience in more than 250 vaccine and antiviral studies in the last 5 years (see nonclinical testing)
  • Mobilized, committed COVID-19 study project teams
  • Nonclinical through Phase IV drug development allows us to reduce transition time between studies
  • Cross-functional, experienced, rapid-response team meets daily to focus on client requests/ideas 
  • Templated WHO protocols and dedicated medical writers have reduced protocol timeline development by 66%
  • Database creation accelerated
  • Ability to conduct remote monitoring via Xcellerate® platform
  • Voice of patient survey for COVID-19 trials
  • Data from LabCorp COVID-19 testing allows quick patient identification
  • Reduction of on-site visits through eConsent, home-health nurses, tele-health, etc.
  • Patient safety monitoring and call centers 
  • Frequent interactions with MHRA and FDA on new development programs
  • Experience interacting with the FDA CTAP group
  • Experience with more than 500 Medical Device & Diagnostic studies and over 5000 investigator sites in the last 5 years
  • Breadth of contract research offerings includes the entire product development lifecycle from regulatory consultation to preclinical, clinical and commercialization services 

Covance and LabCorp are uniquely positioned to partner with you to provide critical services to address the global COVID-19 pandemic with a combination of drug development and diagnostic capabilities. 

We're in this together to. . . 

  • Decrease mortality by developing antiviral treatments.
  • Decrease mortality by developing treatments to mitigate the severe immunological response in some patients, i.e., cytokine storm caused during some COVID-19 infections.
  • Prevent people from getting COVID-19 through vaccine development.
  • Provide access to patient samples and direct access to patients based on our diagnostic COVID-19 testing (which includes more than 20% of the U.S. population) in order to assess patients with active infections and determine the immune response to the virus.

The pandemic crisis calls for urgency &
study start-up acceleration for COVID-19 studies.

Contact us to know more about how we're accelerating these types of elements to help you get a treatment to market as quickly as possible.