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Covance utilizes unrivaled, proprietary data and technology to improve clinical study outcomes.

Xcellerate Technology Suite

Xcellerate® is a suite of data and technology enabling solutions designed to increase drug and medical device development efficiency, reduce timelines, improve compliance, and drive commercialization.

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Site Activation to Last Patient in


Months Faster vs. The Industry
Oncology - Global - Phase I-IV

Recruitment Rate


Faster vs. The Industry
Oncology - Global - Phase I-IV

Screen Failure


Fewer vs. The Industry
Oncology - Global - Phase I-IV

Patient Density


Better vs. The Industry
Cardiology - Global - Phase I-IV

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Measuring Success of a Quality Risk Management Approach

As regulatory guidance and data collection in clinical trials has evolved, sponsors face pressure to balance quality, productivity and cost for risk management and monitoring. The industry has adopted risk-based quality management (RBQM), yet the methodology is inconsistent. There is no standard way to measure the impact of the different approaches to RBQM on the effectiveness of clinical trial management. Learn more about our approach to establishing and tracking metrics – including those that could apply across the industry – to measure the success of an RBQM approach.

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"Nobody on the market has this depth of insights related to why patients would/would not join a clinical trial. This is a differentiator and extremely innovative" VP, Top 5 Pharma

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