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The UK officially left the EU on 31 January 2020 entering into the 11-month post-Brexit transition period which itself ends on 31 December 2020. During the transition period the UK continues to follow EU rules and regulations, however what happens at the end of the transition period regarding many things, including regulatory alignment and free trade, is still uncertain. The UK and EU are keen to negotiate a trade deal post transition, but the exact nature of that deal is unclear.

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Plant Metabolism eBook

Regulators across the world are concerned with ensuring that any residues left in or on a crop after application of a plant protection product (PPP), present minimal risk to the health of humans and animals. To achieve this, regulators need information on the identity of the residues and the levels of residues remaining in or on a crop, in order to assess dietary risk and set maximum residue levels (MRLs).

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Hand Disinfectant Blog

Covid-19 is driving unprecedented demand for hand disinfectant products and sanitizers. For chemical companies to meet demand, EU regulations must alter. Read on to find out how the EU regulatory environment is changing.

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Bee Blog

With more complex pollinator studies now demanded by regulators of crop protection products, we have an interview with Dr Michael Ramsey, Study Director for Terrestrial Ecotoxicology, about the new Covance research apiary in Huntingdon, UK and the value it brings to research and the local ecosystem.

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  • European Union: ECHA (REACH) / MET (REACH-ICFC) / OECD
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Access more than 3M square feet of GLP-compliant, AAALAC-accredited research facilities in Europe, Asia and North America for your single or large-scale, long-term regulated program. Learn how you can partner with us to reach your products' full potential

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