Systemic and subcutaneous modeling of A20 murine B cell lymphoma in mice: A comparative assessment


Sheri R. Barnes, Sumithra Urs, David Draper, Scott Wise, and Maryland Rosenfeld Franklin



AACR Annual Meeting


Introduction and Background

  • With the drive in oncology to develop molecules targeting the immune system, there is a need for reliable and well-characterized preclinical models.
  • Orthotopic modeling is becoming increasingly employed in preclinical development as it is posited to have improved clinical translatability compared to subcutaneous implantation.
  • We developed a luciferase enabled A20 murine B cell lymphoma cell line (A20-luc) to better understand the utility of subcutaneous and orthotopic modeling of A20 in preclinical oncology drug development.
  • A panel of checkpoint inhibitors and costimulatory agonists were assessed for anti-tumor response both in the subcutaneous and systemic disease settings.
  • Investigation of infiltration of lymphoid and myeloid cell subsets in subcutaneous A20 tumors were evaluated. Knowledge of this immune composition can help guide rational monotherapy and combination strategies.