Accelerating Your COVID-19 Vaccine Development

Developing safe and effective SARS-CoV-2 vaccines requires a cohesive approach spanning every stage of your development. Learn how you can apply solutions from Covance and LabCorp to accelerate your vaccine studies and reach patients, faster.


Increase your chances to connect with patients and expedite your recruitment.

  • LabCorp Patient Direct enables access to direct-to-patient recruitment with U.S.-based patients who have expressed interest in participating in clinical trials* and meet initial pre-screen criteria
  • COVID-19 Clinical Trial Connect is designed to accelerate patient recruitment for COVID-19 trials by collecting interested U.S.-based patients to participate in COVID-related clinical trials in their area

Incorporate integral testing into your studies 

Reliably detect an immune response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus in your vaccine studies. 

  • Leverage decades of experience to provide functional, cell-based infectivity assays that assess neutralizing antibody activity, along with state-of-the-art serological assays for the detection and quantitation of SARS-CoV-2 antibody isotype responses (IgG, IgA, IgM)
  • Characterize your vaccine candidates and determine if they elicit a neutralizing antibody response 

You can access a breadth of testing capabilities to screen candidates as part of your vaccine clinical trials or evaluate endpoints of your vaccine trial.

Leverage the unique biobank of recovered patients’ biospecimens 

Access a rich collection of longitudinal data that will be critical for advancing vaccines. 

The COVID-19 RECOVER Biobank aims to build a repository of participants’ biospecimens from three different time points over a year after a patient’s positive COVID-19 test. 

With plans to collect samples from more than 2,000 LabCorp Patient Service Centers across the U.S., these specimens are expected to allow for a variety of testing and analyses – and also provide access to key information regarding patients’ demographics, duration and severity of COVID-19 symptoms, medical history and concomitant medications – to better understand your target population.

A novel biobank to expand your vaccine solutions:

  • Immunogenicity testing
  • DNA analysis
  • Biomarker research
  • Population-based analyses

Apply a holistic approach to advance your COVID-19 vaccine

Our in-depth experience across every stage of drug development allows us to offer you connected insights through the tight partnership of our COVID-19 Response Team with your team to:

  • Accelerate study startup by leveraging our 90 worldwide facilities and our experience collaborating with over 175,000 unique clinical investigators  
  • Conduct nonclinical studies (i.e., immunogenicity, safety) to make rapid go/no-go decisions
  • Leverage Early Phase Development Solutions to assess nonclinical data packages and speed toward clinical trials
  • Strategically incorporate virtual tools and technologies into a decentralized clinical trial
  • Navigate global regulations to meet your next milestone 

Set your study up for success with a partner that can efficiently combine diagnostic and drug development solutions and help your vaccine candidate progress in a competitive landscape.

Patients can’t wait. Neither can we.™ Together, let’s increase your speed to market and accelerate much needed vaccines.


*This service is available for clients working with our clinical solutions team.