Standardized Profiling of Bile Acids Panel in Multiple Matrices Using a Versatile LC-HRMS Method & Controlled Data Processing Workflow for Their Potential Biomarker Applications in DILI and Other Disease

Land O' Lakes 2019 -- Bile Acids (BAs) are a large family of molecules primarily synthesized in the liver from cholesterol and include unconjugated, amino acid (glycine, taurine) conjugated and sulfated forms with known species differences between human and various animal species. Homeostasis of BAs is highly regulated by enterohepatic circulation and interruption of the homeostasis has been attributed to various liver and metabolic diseases, indicating biomarker potential of BAs for these diseases while comparing to healthy subjects. A versatile and comprehensive LC-HRMS method has been developed and qualified for BA panel profiling in multiple matrices and a controlled workflow has been implemented to ease data processing. The aim is to establish a standardized platform for BA panel profiling to ensure data integrity and an unbiased evaluation of BA biomarker potential.