Quantification of Urinary Bile Acids as Potential Biomarkers for Human Liver & Kidney Diseases Using UPLC-HRMS

ASMS 2018 -- A small portion of bile acids efflux into systemic blood from the enterohepatic recirculation and is eliminated by renal excretion in healthy people. Elevated plasma level of bile acids has been observed in patients with liver diseases, which may suggest altered excretion of urinary bile acids as well. In addition, renal impairment caused by kidney diseases or drug induced nephrotoxicity may impact the excretion or metabolic homeostasis of bile acids. Therefore, investigation of urinary bile acid profiles in healthy subjects and patients with liver or kidney diseases may reveal its biomarker potential. Here we report an efficient UPLC-HRMS method for the analysis of 36 bile acids in human urine and ensure the assay accuracy by addressing the above concerns. The total urinary bile acid concentrations have been determined using this method and compared between normal and disease-state urine samples.