Nonclinical Development Symposium: 6-7 May

Join us as we combine our 23rd NHP symposium with our 9th Annual Biologics symposium to create one, enriching and insightful 2-day educational symposium for nonclinical drug development. Our core topics will be biologics for immuno-oncology, gene therapy and the use of primates in drug development.

Basal Nonclinical Symposium
Basel Assaf | Pfizer
de Haan Nonclinical Symposium
Lolke de Haan | ADC Therapeutics
Prior Nonclinical Symposium
Helen Prior | NC3R
Basal Nonclinical Symposium
Jorg Blumel | Genentech
Guionauad Nonclinical Symposium
Sylvia Guionauad | Consultant
Page Nonclinical Symposium
Page Bouchard | AveXis
Mueller Nonclinical Symposium
Lutz Mueller | Roche
Joy Nonclinical Symposium
Joy Cavagnaro | Access Bio
Owen Nonclinical Symposium
Steve Owen | Envigo

AGENDA / DIARY for the Nonclinical Symposium

Note: Speakers are listed in alphabetical order within their session. 

6 May, Wednesday

9:00 - 12:15 

Development of Biologics in the Immuno-oncology Field

Moderator: Maryland Franklin, Covance

  • Challenges in the nonclinical safety assessment of mAB-based immuno-oncology products (Lolke de Haan, ADC Therapeutics)
  • Separating pharmacology from pathology (Sylvia Guionauad, Guionaud Consulting)
  • Live attentuated arenavirus-based vectors for active cancer immunotherapy (Mohamed Habbeddine, Hookipa)
  • Nonclinical PK/PD and safety evaluation of an anti-ICOS antibody in rats and nonhuman primates (Simon Henderson, Kymab)
  • TBD (Jenny Sims, Integrated Biologix)
  • Roundtable discussion

12:30 - 13:30 

Lunch provided.

13:30 - 17:00 

Development of AAV-Based Gene Therapies

  • Preclinical safety of gene therapies (Basel Assaf, Pfizer)
  • Considerations in the R&D of AAV gene therapies for rare genetic diseases (Page Bouchard, AveXis, a Novartis company)
  • Preclinical development of gene therapeutics and the relevance of NHPs (Joy Cavagnaro, Access Bio)
  • Viral vetor development: concepts, technologies and challenges (Christian Thirion, Sirion Biotech)
  • Roundtable discussion 

18:00 - 22:00 

Networking event provided by Covance

7 May, Thursday

8:30 - 9:30

Keynote Lecture

  • Background Diseases in Cynomolgus and Marmoset Delivery (Keith Mansfield, Novartis)

9:30 - 12:55 

The Use of Nonhuman Primates in Drug Development

  • TBD (Jorg Blumel, Genentech)
  • Use of NHP to charactertize safety of RNA splice modifiers such as risdiplam for rare human disease (Lutz Muller, Roche)
  • Immune profiling of Mauritian and Cambodian (Asia) cynomolgus monkeys by flow cytometry and understanding immunological response to ASOs (Padma Narayanan, Ionis)
  • Global primate procurement and the recent changes in demand versus supply (Steve Owen, Envigo)
  • Opportunities to apply the 3Rs within NHP toxicology programmes (Helen Prior, NC3R)
  • Roundtable discussion 


Lunch and Optional Facility Tour

Cost: 150 Euros


Join us in beautiful Germany for this amazing symposium. We will provide the exact location upon registration.