Canines Research Models

Purpose-bred beagles help you get answers to critical study questions.

The temperament of purebred beagles is critical for observing behavior changes. Because our models are ideal for toxicology, safety pharmacology, surgical, field efficacy trials and reproductive toxicology studies, they help you get answers to essential study questions.

Bring canines onto your study sooner.

Our canine socialization program and acclimation services, developed under the guidance of a known canine behaviorist, reduce the time, labor and cost of bringing animals onto your study — helping you to deliver essential results quickly.

Example of a canine research model used in Covance studies.

Pre-shipment services and testing.

  • Dietary acclimation
  • Digital radiography
  • ECGs
  • Inhalation mask acclimation
  • Lateral recumbancy training
  • Leash training
  • Modified vaccination protocols
  • Neuterization
  • Serology and hematology
  • Sling training
  • Specialized deworming
  • Treadmill training