Research Animal Models

Partnering with you to deliver the industry-leading research animal models and services to accelerate your study.

Confidence Delivered.

  • Inventory across models to mitigate risk

  • Models bred to the highest standards for quality and well-being

  • A deep organizational commitment to animal welfare 

Various animal research models used in Covance studies.
Your Needs

Healthy animal research models delivered.

Your study depends on getting the right research models exactly when you need them, without delays or interruptions. Rely on our consistent inventory and well-developed global network, built around meeting the demands of your study, to deliver in near real time. 

Fewer delays, faster start-up and completion.

We’re sensitive to your need to do more with fewer resources. Depend on our on-site microbiological and surgical services that dramatically reduce your timelines. And, with a breadth of acclimation services, our models are ready to get started as soon as you are.

A partner that cares about animal welfare.

As an AALAC accredited provider, we take great strides to guarantee that our models are healthy and well socialized. Our environmental enrichment and behavioral management programs are tailored to the unique needs of our animal models. We also employ rigorous health testing standards that exceed industry requirements.

Our Capabilities

Quality from the beginning.

Our team understands that the right research models give you the foundation for consistent study data. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality models and services. Our services include: