Environmental Fate

Crop Protection

Environmental fate describes the destiny of a chemical or plant protection product (PPP) after it is used and released into the environment. Given the complexity of ecosystems, the possible environment fate of a chemical can be difficult to envisage. Regulatory guidelines outline standard laboratory screening tests and triggers for higher-tier tests, should signals of concern be detected.

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  • By combining expertise in analytical chemistry, environmental modeling and metabolite identification with regulatory insight and experience you can be sure of a study program that delivers what you need
  • Extensive, flexible facilities and dedicated teams ensure you get high-quality, efficiently run environmental fate studies 
  • Benefit from a suite of environmental fate assessments run to recognized global standards

Your Needs

You may need environmental fate evidence ranging from simple biodegradation to higher-tier assessments

Environmental fate covers a broad range of assessments across multiple aqueous and terrestrial environments including standing water, sediments and soil. These studies range in complexity and scope from simple laboratory screening studies examining biodegradation in aqueous media to longer duration simulation tests. You need to build an efficient study program that answers critical regulatory questions in a scientifically justifiable way.


Our Capabilities

Delivering excellence in environmental fate assessment

Covance have unrivalled insight and expertise in designing and executing environmental fate studies gained over years working in changing regulatory environments. A problem-solving culture and collaborative working approach guarantee you a high-quality and stress-free experience. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and support you from study initiation through to production of the final report. You’ll benefit from flexible facilities and the expertise to perform a suite of internationally recognized environmental fate studies:

  • OECD 301: Ready Biodegradability
  • OECD 307: Aerobic and Anaerobic Transformation in Soil
  • OECD 308: Aerobic and Anaerobic Transformation in Aquatic Sediment Systems
  • OECD 309: Aerobic Mineralisation in Surface Water – Simulation Biodegradation Test