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Understanding the ever-changing testing and regulatory requirements for your chemical can be complex. With Covance, you can take your product from testing to market quicker with less stress. With over 80 years of experience in biofuels, fatty acids, enzymes, cosmetics and tar acids, we can help support the development and testing of safe and effective chemicals with our technical expertise, comprehensive safety testing suite and market-leading regulatory consultancy. Apply our deep science and insights to build your chemical innovation pipeline or manage existing compounds, and rely on us to interpret complex local regulations through to a complete dossier submission. We partner with you to ensure your chemical reaches the people and environment it’s been designed to enhance.

Covance chemical testing

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Physical Chemistry 

Characterizing the physicochemical properties of your chemical is the starting point for your product’s development and marketing journey.


Human Safety - Toxicology 

Worldwide consumer demand driven by rises in living standards is generating new and emerging human toxicity concerns. From added microplastics and other substances classed as persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic, there is increasing scrutiny on the safety of your chemical.

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Environmental Safety 

The environmental safety of chemicals and man-made materials is a growing concern among the public, regulators and governments worldwide.


Endocrine Disruptors (ED)  

Endocrine disruptors (ED) has the potential to adversely alter an organism’s development, reproduction and wider function. Endocrine disruption does not just affect individual animals, but also populations and ecosystem implications too. 

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Regulatory Consultancy 

Your chemical needs to be accepted by regulatory authorities, comply with classification labelling and safety standards and have data dossiers updated to match regulatory changes. 


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