Chemical Testing

Apply deep science to build your chemical innovation pipeline or manage existing compounds. With experience in biofuels, fatty acids, enzymes, cosmetics and tar acids, we can help. Gain access to a global research partner for your industrial chemicals.

Chemical Study Overview

  • Product In Vitro Studies (cosmetics, skin & aerosol applications)
  • Toxicology (genetic, DART, inhalation, etc.) 
  • Metabolism
  • Product Chemistry & Bioanalysis 
  • Modeling
  • Global Regulatory Consulting in North and South America, Asia and Europe

In Vitro Cosmetic Studies

  • 3d tissue skin corrosion (OECD #431)
  • Corrositex: #435
  • 3D tissue skin irritation: #439
  • BCOP eye irritation: #437
  • Cyotoxicity (ISO, ICCVAM/OECD)
  • Phototoxicity: #432
  • QSAR

In Vitro Skin Sensitization

  • Direct Peptide Reactivity (DPRA): #442C
  • ARE-Nrf2 Luciferase Test Method (KeratinoSensTM): #442D
  • human Cell Line Activation (h-CLAT): #442E
  • Local Lymph Node Assay: #429

Aerosol Applications


In Vitro Exposure Studies

  • 35mm plate (air-agar interface)
  • Cytotoxicity (NRU, MTT, WST-1)
  • 3D tissue cytotoxicity with TEER & cilia beat frequency analysis
  • Sister chromatid exchange at ALI
  • Oxidative stress model

Innovative Technology

  • Aerosol exposure models
  • Nanoparticles
  • 3D tissue models

Particulate & Gaseous Vapor Phase

chemical-flask-57954700_XXL (1)

Generation Capabilities

  • Generation of combustible TPM to ISO 17025
  • Generation of eTPM
  • Collection of gaseous phase & generation of aerosol conditioned medias

Genotoxicology Endpoints

  • Bacterial reverse mutation assay
  • Cytoxocity (NRU)
  • In vitro micronucleus assay (V9, TK6, CH0)
  • Small rodent lymphona assay

Looking for more chemical studies?

As part of our chemical testing solutions, Covance also offers a full-range of OECD and other regulatory compliant studies with custom study requests also available. 

Visit our chemical and crop page to view additional studies for in vitro safety & metabolism, gene toxicology, DART, inhalation toxicology, product chemistry, metabolism and modeling