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Scientific Posters

Implementation of High Performance HRAM Capabilities in Routine Analysis of Biotherapeutics
Stability Evaluation of SigmaMAb MSQC8 Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) by Thermo Q Exactive Plus
Evaluation of Q-Exactive Plus BioPharma for Characterization of a Range of Different Biologic Formats
Cell-Based Potency Assay Development and Special Considerations for Cellular Therapeutics
Analytical Tools Supporting Biodistribution Studies for Cell and Gene Therapy
Assessment of Biotherapeutic Glycosylation; A Case Study Correlating N-Glycan Core Afucosylation with Mechanism of Action

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Biosimilar CMC Analytical Master Files & Development Solutions
Cell and Gene Therapy Development Solutions
Discover How Our York, UK CMC Analytical Testing Lab Can Help Advance Your Drug Development Program
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A Holistic View of the Biosimilars Landscape: Key Factors for Clinical and Commercial Success
Establishing Control Over the Manufacturing Process and the Quality of your Biologic
Why Comparability Studies are the Key to a Biosimilar's Success