Custom Antibody Development Services

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While we know the ultimate deliverable is a high quality product, we also take great care to make sure your entire engagement with us exceeds your expectations.

Photo of a quanta lyser robot used in Covance immunology drug development services.

Polyclonal Production

We offer a complete portfolio of custom antibody services including peptide synthesis, antibody production, conjugation, purification, labeling and characterization. We’ll work with you to create an optimized production schedule that will maximize serum volume and antibody titers.

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Monoclonal Antibody Production

We offer you a full range of production services in diverse rodent strains. You can choose in vivo or in vitro production protocols. And we adapt our protocols for small or large quantities depending on your needs.
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Hybridoma Development

We generate hybridomas against a large array of antigens. All four phases of development are customizable to suit your needs, with a typical timeframe of 5-8 months. All cell lines developed by Covance are your exclusive property.
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Immunochemistry & Tissue Services
Our team offers you a comprehensive set of custom immunochemistry services including antibody labeling, antibody characterization, purification, immunoassay development, blood & tissue products and antivenin testing.
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