Immunology: Antibodies & Vaccines

Have you been trying to get that expensive “off-the-shelf” antibody to work in your assay without much luck? Or perhaps you just can’t find a good antibody source for that elusive target?

  • More than 35 years experience in custom antibody development

  • 60-day hybridoma development

  • A team of 50 staff members 

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In many cases a custom-made antibody can be cheaper, eliminate lot-to-lot variation and produce better results than a generic, catalog antibody. Custom antibody providers are able to tailor their approach based on the intended use of the antibody – but only if they have the appropriate expertise and capabilities.

During the last few years, Covance has continued to refine our integrated, one-stop approach to antibody development.

Today, we have over 50 immunology staff members working together to manage the entire antibody development process, including ELISA screening, purification and labeling.

Your Needs

When you partner with us for your immunology needs, you’ll find that our expert team, dedicated infrastructure and on-site animal access helps you get your study started faster. And, you’ll find that our development times to be equally fast, never once compromising the high quality standards we’ve built our service on.

With no two studies alike, we develop our suite of services around your specific needs. We offer the flexibility to support any study, large or small. Whether you require Polyclonal Production or Monoclonal Production and Hybridoma Development, we’re able to create an optimized production schedule that will maximize serum volume and antibody titers.

By supporting you with a dedicated and knowledgeable project manager, we’re able to provide you with insights along the way to help advance your project forward. Working directly with you, we provide consultation on study design and maintain good communication throughout the process, as we expertly guide you through regulatory issues.

Our Capabilities
  • Two AAALAC-accredited vivariums – host species options from small reserach models to large models 

  • Antibody purification – antigen affinity, Protein A/G and a variety of specialty methods 

  • Antibody labeling – biotin, HRP, fluorescent labels 

  • Hybridoma development services – novel hybridoma cell lines and in-vitro/in-vivo scale-up

We bring over 35 years of experience to antibody and vaccine development and biologics testing. You’ll receive expert project management, reduced timelines and regulatory expertise when you partner with us. Click on the links below for specific development capabilities.

AAALAC International Accredited
AALAS Accredited
OLAW Assured
USDA Research Registered