Xcellerate® Trial Design

A proprietary, cutting-edge approach to getting more from your trial’s performance—without sacrificing timelines or quality.

  • Identify the right sites and investigators

  • Leverage our proprietary clinical trial knowledgebase for greater insights

  • Trim trial timelines by as much as 7 months

Your Needs

Past performance can be a predictor of future potential. Rely on the comprehensive reach of Xcellerate® Trial Design as it applies historical site metrics, forecasts workloads and models multiple scenarios to optimize patient recruitment and improve operational performance. Together, we’ll make the most of your clinical investment and reduce waste by selecting the right sites and investigators.

In the ongoing quest to increase clinical trial efficiencies, it’s crucial to identify and cut out low and nonperforming sites—before they further impact timelines. Our data-driven approach can help you profile and index your sites’ real-time performance so you can redirect resources to the most productive sites and reach your patient enrollment goals earlier.

Optimizing your country and site selection requires taking many dimensions and criteria into account. Xcellerate Trial Design allows you to compare recruitment speed, site activation, cost and complexity to get more accurate performance metrics. With the largest database to draw on, you can generate and compare different scenarios to determine which sites will help advance your trial more effectively.

Our Capabilities

As the most comprehensive clinical trial knowledgebase that sees more than 50% of the world’s trials, only Covance has the most extensive view on trial performance. Over the last 10 years, we’ve witnessed and collected data on more than:

  • 11,000 protocols
  • 175,000 unique investigators
  • 14 million patient visits

We help you harness these key insights to identify patterns and trends, enabling you to maximize cost efficiencies and reduce your trial times by as much as 7 months vs. client forecast.

Learn more about how the power of our proprietary clinical trial knowledgebase can help your trial start off on the right foot.