Xcellerate® Monitoring

Proactively identify, prevent and manage risks with a unique risk-based monitoring program that uncovers greater value in your studies.

  • Leverage comprehensive capabilities with the Xcellerate® Clinical Trial Optimization® suite

  • Identify and mitigate risk with holistic monitoring solutions

  • Make more informed decisions and drive faster results

Graphic showing Covance's Xcellerate® Monitoring clinical informatics tracking software.
Your Needs

Risk-based monitoring needs more than source data verification (SDV) to identify data errors. The foundation for our approach to monitoring starts with quality by design, where we build in quality and design risk out of studies in the planning phase. Xcellerate Monitoring encompasses medical review, data review and statistical monitoring so that you can receive a broader, more flexible view on your clinical data. As part of the Xcellerate Clinical Trial Optimization suite, it will enable you to proactively safeguard patient safety, improve data quality and reduce the cost, time, complexity and risk associated with clinical trials.

You need one single technology platform to provide near real-time views on your current performance and potential risks. We leverage consistent processes and practices to help biopharmaceutical companies of any size maintain site monitoring plans, redirect resources to the best locations and focus on the right data that makes a difference in quality. 

Identifying your issues before they impact your trial’s performance is a key component of Xcellerate Monitoring. Our risk-based monitoring solution combines full central monitoring, on-site monitoring, Xcellerate Trial Management and Xcellerate Insights so that you stay informed and make important decisions faster. With a holistic view on the latest data trends, you’ll be in full control to mitigate risks across studies and your entire portfolio. 

Our Capabilities

With the combined powers of Xcellerate Monitoring and the Xcellerate Informatics Platform, you’ll be enabled to identify the best-performing sites and deploy your resources to yield the greatest return. Along with the flexibility to scale up or down and adapt your efforts as your site risk profiles evolve, you can create a fit-for-purpose design that reveals savings while delivering higher quality data.

Presented in a collaborative workspace, Xcellerate Monitoring helps you quickly pinpoint risk through intuitive and powerful user interfaces. From major protocol deviations to individual outliers, you will not only recognize the issues but also act on the data to mitigate problems, escalate issues and instantly communicate with Clinical Research Associates (CRAs). Coupled with alert notifications and an embeddable review workflow, you’ll experience a new level of risk-based monitoring efficiencies to reach complete clinical trial optimization.