Xcellerate® Monitoring SaaS

Whether insourcing or using multiple CROs, you can proactively mitigate trial risks in near real time with this innovative technology.

  • View advanced analytics and holistic performance data, anywhere you run your study

  • Identify and mitigate risk with central monitoring and on-site monitoring solutions

  • Redirect key resources to optimize your trial’s potential

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Your Needs

It’s time to make the most of your clinical trial data. We’ve created the first and only cloud-based SaaS platform that delivers real-time insights on the quality and safety of your trial. Aligned with FDA and EMA guidance and the TransCelerate principles, Xcellerate Monitoring SaaS manages your medical, statistical and operational data so that you can identify issues and trigger targeted actions to mitigate threats to your trial’s success. 

Starting with your monitoring plan, we work together to create a quality by design approach to assess all the risk elements in your trial and create a comprehensive plan of action that identifies factors critical to your patient safety and data quality. By engineering in quality, you’ll proactively optimize your trials' performance and reduce risks and complexity.

From global trends to site-specific data, the centralized oversight of Xcellerate Monitoring SaaS alerts you when risk factors appear, helping you guide your Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) and dynamically adjust resources to where they make the most impact. Accessible through intuitive and powerful user interfaces, you’ll be enabled to quickly recognize and respond to risks before they affect your trial’s performance.

Our Capabilities

By combining risk monitoring, medical review, statistical monitoring and data review, Xcellerate Monitoring SaaS helps you ensure patient safety, data quality and protocol compliance by identifying and assessing risks at the study, site and patient level.

Accessible through an intuitive interface, it facilitates full immersion in your clinical trial data to view overall risk factors from the program level, site level or even individual clinical data points. With all your relevant trial data on hand, you can quickly navigate visual information and maintain complete oversight to understand your trials’ ongoing performance and take necessary actions to keep your trial on track.

With a proactive, preventative and systematic approach, Xcellerate Monitoring SaaS offers a holistic view of your clinical quality, timeliness and efficiency. Fit-for-purpose design helps you categorize risks and ensure primary data quality at the planning stages while adaptive and triggered monitoring enable targeted actions to review critical data and further improve performance. Along with the option for expert central monitoring staff, on-site monitoring solutions and comprehensive IT support, you’ll enable more effective and efficient risk-based monitoring across your entire trial portfolio.

Whether you conduct your clinical trials internally, outsource to other CROs or work with Covance, the power of Xcellerate Monitoring SaaS is available to you. Learn more about how this innovative solution can take your risk-based management capabilities to a whole new level.