Patient Support Services

Gaining access to care can be a confusing, prolonged, multi-step process, entailing insurance research, financial assessment, back-and-forth communication and follow-up. Patients and healthcare providers look to companies’ support programs to assist, each step of the way.

Covance Market Access partners with you to design and deliver differentiated support programs that coordinate services across all stakeholders. Our patient support team engages patients and providers, provides expert guidance, and resolves access challenges, encompassing any or all of these services:

  • Patient-centric case management
  • Insurance-related support services, including appeals of PA or claims denials
  • Billing, coding and claims assistance for healthcare providers
  • Specialty pharmacy coordination and support
  • Cost-sharing support
  • Patient assistance for the under- and uninsured
  • Prescription fulfillment via Covance Specialty Pharmacy
  • Clinical and nursing support
  • Data aggregation and analytics
  • Opt-in and enrollment

To ensure success, companies must deliver a seamless, high-quality experience focused on identifying individual patients’ needs and developing step-by-step plans to achieve access. Experts at Covance Market Access provide an informed, methodical, strategic approach to designing, implementing and operating hub and other programs.

Photo of a Covance pharmaceutical consultants in a meeting.