Patient and Provider Services

Working together, we will remove barriers, build relationships and gain insights as your product reaches the real world of patients and providers.

  • Better understand genuine customer needs and motivations

  • Remove access and adherence roadblocks in real time

  • Gather invaluable data-driven insights with our world-class technology platform

A patient and healthcare provider working together.
Your Needs

Patients and providers will judge your product’s success. Helping them better navigate the every-changing health care landscape is your top priority. We help you listen, anticipate and respond. 

Each patient experience can differ. Some face huge barriers to even pay for your product; others encounter adherence issues. Physicians, pharmacists, and nurses present other complicating factors. Our people help your people to efficiently solve issues on an individual basis.

Your product launch is more than a one-time event. It’s an ongoing loop of performance and evaluation. We focus on individual needs as a team and empower everyone with the right technology to reveal service patterns and anticipate problems before they happen. Our proactive approach presents the best opportunity to inform future strategy as your therapies evolve based on real life experiences.

Patient and Provider Services at Covance
Our Capabilities

Covance understands patient journeys and provider needs. You’ll collaborate with an integrated and well-trained team of service professionals who truly care about successful outcomes. Together, we deliver optimal customer experiences.