Drug Development Alliance Management Consulting

Together, we’ll leverage our strong network of operational relationships to provide insights, mitigate risks and ultimately deliver a strategy to maximize your development investment.

  • Explore what’s possible with a strategic partner, focused on your success

  • Build your cost-savings into a scalable and efficient development model

  • See the entire picture and anticipate future demands

Team memebrs in a meeting for drug development alliance management consulting.

When considering a strategic collaborator in your drug development process, you need a trusted partner who can serve as an extension of your team. That’s why we often offer our strategic partners skilled alliance managers to facilitate your unique requirements and deliver the best possible client experience. At Covance, Alliance Management is not just a catch-phrase. It is a critical competency that we deliver to unlock greater value for our strategic partners.

As your strategic partner, we build a close, collaborative relationship with you to understand your business and specific concerns. With this knowledge, we can proactively uncover new business opportunities and build cost-savings into a scalable and efficient development model. Find out how we can help accelerate timelines and maximize value.

At Covance, Alliance Management goes beyond the transactional aspects of orchestrating specific services. We invest in a long-term view of your projects to better anticipate future demands and advance predictability. It’s this process that illuminates your big picture view and empowers you as a decision maker.  

Our aim is to offer a smooth and seamless process as an extension of your own team. We demonstrate our commitment to this practice through our global membership in the Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals (ASAP) where many of our team members have received the Certification of Achievement–Alliance Management (CA-AM). The development of this competency and our work with ASAP allows us to apply cross-industry best practices to each and every alliance.

Both emerging biotech and global pharma clients can benefit from the efficiencies created with alliance management. While our notable partnerships with large pharma clients are often featured, our small and emerging biotech clients have also benefited from alliance management. By applying our alliance management expertise to our emerging biotech clients, we are able to uniquely cater to their broad drug development needs.

From the development of an individual molecule to the support of an entire portfolio, we support a wide range of goals. Get in touch to see how you can qualify for alliance management today.