Vaccine Testing & Novel Immunotherapeutics

Rely on our dedicated team of specialists to deliver a consultative approach that aligns with your program’s unique needs.

  • Deep experience with 150+ vaccine clinical trials and novel immunotherapeutic trials

  • 3000+ assays to support your vaccine study

  • Expertise supporting exploratory, GLP, CAP-CLIA, BSL2 and BSL3 requirements

Testing Solutions to Advance Your COVID-19 Clinical Trials
Your Needs

You need specialized support, directly focused on your success, to get ahead in vaccine and novel immunotherapeutic development. Our solution provides a dedicated vaccine and novel immunotherapeutic cross functional team—the first of its kind in a central laboratory—to deliver comprehensive, responsive solutions. Whether you need support with biomarker discovery, assay development or global, multi-year trials, we start with a consultative approach to determine your exact requirements. Count on our proven track record spanning 10 years and over 150 vaccine and novel immunotherapeutic trials enabling us to deliver dedicated expertise and accelerate your studies. 

When establishing your immune response, safety profile, tolerability and efficacy, it’s crucial to have scientific solutions matched to your milestones. Need assays? We offer over 3000 assays and expertise supporting exploratory, GLP, CAP-CLIA, BSL2 and BSL3 requirements, tailored to your exact needs. From early development through specialty assay design and transfer, we’re here for you.

Leveraging one contact through one partnership means less vendor oversight and greater value for your studies. Our skilled vaccine and novel immunotherapeutic study managers will attend to every aspect of your development, from protocol specifics to automated testing and data delivery. Leave the operational details to us while you focus on the resulting data and your path to market. 

Our Capabilities

The demands of vaccine and immunotherapeutic development differ from standard drug development. We get it. That’s why our team of specialists examines your unique challenges to apply solutions that help you move forward with confidence.

With Covance on your side, you’ll streamline redundancies to attain new efficiencies in your testing and trial execution. Working with you, we’ll apply our known strengths, leveraging more than 25 years of central laboratory experience to maximize your sample yield and accelerate your development. Together, let’s uncover new opportunities for your program with our responsive solutions, which include:

  • Seamless study management: Whether testing in house, through LabCorp’s esoteric laboratory network, the LabCorp Specialty Testing Group or any other referral lab, we provide a single point of contact to oversee, manage and ensure your quality data.
  • Automated abilities: Because one size doesn’t fit all, we offer lab automation optimized around your testing volume needs, through liquid handling systems, middleware and IT support. Rapid deployment of customized kits means you can accelerate subject enrollment and meet milestones faster.
  • Dedicated logistical support: Maximize your sample yield by relying on our record of >99% sample receipt within stability. Our logistical operations are designed to increase efficiencies and fully support your trial, from enrollment and customized kits to data delivery.
  • Comprehensive assay support: You’re fully covered with our assay development, testing and transfer capabilities.

Turn your possibilities into reality with our dedicated Vaccine and Novel Immunotherapeutic Clinical Laboratory Solutions team.