Personalized Study Performance Management

Improve the performance of your study and make a difference in your bottom line with a proactive solution that goes beyond specimen management and sample lifecycle management. Personalized Study Performance Management addresses clinical trial testing complexity by monitoring performance and analyzing testing results and the overall health of your study.

  • Keep your clinical testing timeline on track with custom mitigation strategies aligned to your protocol.  

  • Determine the root cause of issues with your testing, sites, kits or results, before they impact your progress. 

  • Build efficiencies in your process by leveraging near real-time information – from sample collection to results. 

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Your Needs

Monitoring performance, evaluating a study’s health, tracking biospecimens and assessing results has become increasingly challenging in today’s evolving clinical testing landscape. Common issues like missing samples, incorrect specimen collection, kit expiry and deviations from the protocol can impact clinical trial execution – and jeopardize regulatory compliance.

Sponsors are also finding that they need a higher level of reporting and monitoring in their clinical trial process to accommodate procedures like conditional shipping, conditional testing or monitoring of the randomization table, without the expense and delay of ad hoc requests.

Recognizing the opportunity to address these clinical trial challenges, Covance has designed an efficient, straightforward process to help sponsors understand the current status of their studies, sites and trends with an innovative solution for standard and custom reporting.

Optimize the overall health of your study and build efficiencies into your process with Personalized Study Performance Management. Before your testing starts, our experts work with you to determine your needs, evaluate your protocol and set up a strategy for increasing clinical trial transparency – from sample tracking to site performance and result analytics.

You decide if you want to be involved in reviewing the alerts and flags, or, leave the entire analysis and review process up to us. Regardless of your choice, our automated, consistent monitoring process is fully customized to your study’s needs. 

Personalized Study Performance Management by Covance

*Cx: cancellation; XT: extra; IC: incorrect condition

Aligned with your protocol, our add-on options include:

  • Customized thresholds for turnaround times, cancellations and alerts on specific assays or samples
  • Conditional shipping based on sponsor-specified criteria
  • Patient visit tracking
  • External tool monitoring of inputs, outputs and data
  • Conditional unblinding
  • Randomization table monitoring

Ad hoc or special requests for reporting can delay your progress – and impact your budget. Rely on our well-defined billing structure, where you choose your monitoring options.

Our process reveals the root causes of unnecessary expenses and potential process delays, such as cancellation rates, kit wastage or site-based collection errors – allowing rapid adjustments and preventative actions.

With your proactively defined monitoring plan in place, we will help you set up a predictable budget and estimate efficiencies gained from our mitigation strategies and automated reporting. Get in touch to see how our standard and customized monitoring options will add considerable savings to your program. 

Our Capabilities

Tailor your level of monitoring and control by defining reports and monitoring your needs with Personalized Study Performance Management. From tracking precious samples to cancellations and holds based on your defined alerts, our monitoring team delivers just the right amount of information you need to drive your decision making.

Whether we are tracking kit production, sample collection or site performance, our Personalized Study Performance Management is much more than a specimen management system. Receive a comprehensive study view that analyzes the performance of your study, supplies, data and sites with parameters that were customized to your protocol. We accommodate pre-defined custom requests, such as visit tracking, conditional shipping or unblinding or even external tool monitoring. Let us take on the unique complexities of your trial – and allow you to focus on the results.

With a proactive monitoring plan from Covance, you’ll avoid many common pitfalls that may threaten your budget, trim costs and add value at several stages within the clinical trial testing process. For example, with timely reports on kit overage, corrective and preventative actions will reduce supply expiry and build savings into supply management. The Personalized Study Performance Management team also recognizes trends in cancellation rates and helps trigger mitigation strategies to increase utilizable data for submission.

Discover the difference of a comprehensive performance monitoring service with Personalized Study Performance Management. As your partner, we will handle the complexity of today’s challenging studies and enable transparency in your trial.