Flow Cytometry Solutions

Leverage the comprehensive flow cytometry analysis solutions of Covance and LabCorp to support all phases of your development.

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Your Needs

As flow cytometry has gained recognition as a powerful and versatile technology in novel drug discovery and development, it is important to work with a partner who can be flexible in their approach and work effectively to meet your specific program requirements across the continuum. You may need access to services spanning early biomarker development, tolerability, clinical studies and even companion diagnostics. That’s why we offer scalable flow cytometry solutions that combine the global strengths of Covance and LabCorp to fully answer your analytical questions and empower your decision making at any stage in your program.

While an efficient off-the-shelf solution can be appropriate for some parts of your program, novel or highly complex flow assays also serve as a strategic resource. We offer deep customization capabilities to develop, validate and deploy assays that examine the unique parameters of your drug candidate. Throughout the process, we standardize and harmonize every aspect of your assay, so you can expect robust reproducibility and data comparability—at any global location—to maintain precision across your downstream trials. 

Guiding therapies from discovery through commercialization requires an ever-broadening range of expertise in cutting-edge technologies, assay and biomarker development and clinical trials.

Uncover gains in efficiency by working with a single, expert partner that offers a range of solutions beyond conventional flow cytometry. As subject matter experts with an international reputation as strong collaborators, we offer proven capabilities in the application of complex/translational biomarkers in support of vaccines and novel immunotherapeutics and companion diagnostic programs so you can efficiently integrate your flow cytometry results into the evaluation of drug efficacy and easily transition to the next stage of development.

Our Capabilities

From supporting receptor occupancy and NK assays to designing flow panels detecting activation markers, phospho-proteins, rare cell identification and apoptotic checkpoints, we are known for taking on complex biomarker and advanced cytometric challenges. These capabilities are reflected in our established relationships that extend our clients’ R&D efforts and strategically align cytometry technology with specific drug development programs across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Serving as your partner, our dedicated assay development/validation team provides a highly scientific and collaborative approach to help you overcome analytical challenges and achieve your specific program goals.

Clinical development often requires a wide range of flow analysis capabilities. Rely on us as a valued resource to help you determine the best strategy to meet your needs. Our extensive menu of validated assays and excellence in assay standardization will help you build a robust data pipeline that efficiently and accurately assesses your therapeutic indications.

Immune cell phenotyping and Immune cell function assays

  • TH1/TH2/TH17/T-Reg Subsets
  • Naïve/Memory/Activated T-cell
  • B-cell Subsets/Plasmablasts
  • Activation/Adhesion (PDL1, OX40, CD69, CD25)

Intracellular cytokine (other proteins) assays

Receptor occupancy assays

  • Monoclonal therapies
  • Peptides/small molecule

Hematologic malignancies


Gene therapy p53 / MDM2

Signal transduction/cell signaling

  • Phospho-epitopes


  • MPM2, Ki67, DRAQ5

Apoptosis pathways

  • Caspase, cPARP, Annexin V, BAX, Survivin

Rare event analysis

  • Progenitor cells
  • Dendritic cells/Expanded DC
  • Tetramer analysis/Pentamer analysis
  • Minimal residual disease (MRD)

Natural killer cell activity/ADCC activity

Platelet activation

Basophil activation (Flow Cast)

When partnering with scientific thought leaders in phospho-flow and flow validation, expect that your custom assays will make use of cutting-edge flow cytometry practices. Whether you need advanced cytometric systems in oncology or very complex signal transduction cell signaling assays, our scientists will find creative, productive methods that support your therapeutic development in powerful ways.

Cell cycle regulation

  • Inhibitors of cyclin-dependent kinases
    • P21
    • P27
    • CDK1, CDK2
    • p-PKC
    • p-FGFR/FGFR

Tumor suppressor gene/protein expression

  • P53
  • MDM2
  • BAX
  • Survivin
  • P21
  • CDK 1,2
  • Caspase(s)

Proliferation/cell cycle

  • p-MEK
  • p-ERK
  • p-M proteins (mitosis)
  • p-Histone H2A.X

Translational control/regulation of cell growth

  • Inhibitors of mTOR
    • P-70S6K protein kinase

P-Ribosomal S6 protein

Apoptotic checkpoints

  • AnnexinV
  • BAX
  • Caspase 3
  • Survivin
  • cPARP