Clinical Trial Investigators - Partnering for Protocol Solutions

Project management can make or break your clinical trial milestones and efficiency. Our brigade of Project Managers (PMs) has the knowledge, experience and dedication to ensure your timelines are met. Each PM integrates with your study team, collaborating with proactive and open communicationwith a relentless focus on your deliverables and contingency planning. From initial protocol review until project closure, we’re with you at every stage.

Photo of central lab project managers meeting with clinical trial investigators.

Expect high standards for your clinical trials. Our Investigator Services team applies decades of site experience to minimize delays and keep your trial on track. Our multilingual, 24/7 call center handles it all:

  • Patient safety information
  • Panic and alert values
  • Demographic verification
  • Specimen handling issues

The results are in. Clinical trial investigators named Covance as their “most preferred” central laboratory more than twice as often as the nearest competitor (LSSG survey).       

Get scalable, automated solutions for your kit production that meets your unique protocol. With customized, bar-coded, visit-specific specimen collection kits, your sites receive consistent kits, delivered on time to help you achieve efficient enrollment.

Up to 90% of your regulatory submission is laboratory data. Consistency and quality of this data package is critical to your successful FDA submission. We focus our teams, processes and energy to ensure that your data package is the best it can be.

Along the way, you can access and monitor your trial’s nearly real-time data in LabLink+. From anywhere in the world, at any time of day, our data systems adapt to your needs—without ever compromising on quality.