Oncology Clinical Trial Testing Service - FISH, IHC and Related Diagnostics

Make the most of our alliance with NeoGenomics to access a suite of fully integrated anatomic pathology services:

  • Sample preparation
  • Staining and imaging
  • Pathology interpretation via network of more than 700 top pathologists

You’ll tap into seamless testing services to support your oncology and companion diagnostics strategies, ultimately improving your turnaround times at any global location.

Your unique study needs are covered with comprehensive services:

  • Circulating tumor cells (CTCs): detection, isolation and genomic analysis of CTCs to identify tumor-specific variants and evaluate therapy response or a prognosis
  • Coagulation: specialty services at one of the largest coagulation laboratories in the US, offering esoteric assays for coagulopathies, oncology angiogenesis and hemophilia
  • Cytogenetics: expert analysis with reflex testing; certified by the Children’s Oncology Group (COG)
  • Flow Cytometry: early adoption and expertise of 10-color analysis along with advance application in oncology
  • Fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH): comprehensive menu of more than 60 probes for disease-specific panels and over 70 probes for oncology
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC): full IHC antibody library and convenient panels; includes double and triple stains, multiple antibody combinations and disease-based profiles
  • Molecular genetics: SNP array, next-gen sequencing, Sanger sequencing, PCR, fragment analysis and platform-agnostic custom assay development
  • Accessioning
  • Specimen Processing
  • Culturing (cytogenetics)
  • Embedding / Cutting
  • Extracting RNA / DNA
  • Capturing varied data in the form of images, raw numeric data, scatter plots, etc.
  • Data interpretation
  • Diagnosis, prognosis or therapeutic recommendation
  • Consultation with referring physician or patient