Digital Pathology Services - Clinical Testing

Accelerate trial enrollment with more accurate target lesion identification by accessing our global digital pathology solutions. Together, we’ll deliver your inclusion/exclusion results and advance your timeline.

Photo of a monitor showing digital pathology pattern.
Digital Pathology Solutions at Covance

At any one of our five in-house locations, your specimens are prepared and scanned using Aperio ScanScope® imagers. We have a direct connection to each location for centralized access to specimen images to reveal your results earlier.

Expect exacting standards as all our pathologists work together to ensure your consistent results. You can efficiently review your data with secure, remote image access with the pathologist of your choice. 

Receive customized solutions for every trial, based on your sample type, staining requirements or unique needs for custom assays. 

  • Digital slide scanning for archival image storage
  • Copies of images available on media
  • In-house target lesion tissue identification by our pathologists
  • Target lesion percent and area determination
  • Remote access to specimen images
  • Target lesion macrodissection for enrichment