Biomarker Solution Center

Scientific thought leadership and guidance across Covance's extensive global laboratory testing capabilities. Delivering customized, end-to-end biomarker solutions throughout the drug development life cycle.

Globally integrated, multidisciplinary and collaborative approach for biomarkers

  • Implement customized biomarker solutions and co-development of diagnostic solutions

  • Innovative and state-of-the-art biomarker platforms and global laboratory testing capabilities

  • Leverage the scientific experience of our biomarker experts and drive clinical and commerical success

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Our Capabilities

Biomarker Solutions and Precision Medicine

Biomarkers are at the epicenter of today’s drug development and the pursuit of personalized medicine. They help drive patient identification and stratification, and also help define disease biology, identify mechanism of action and understand the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics relationship of your drug. These benefits can lead to successful drug development; however, you need these biomarker insights early in the process. Our Biomarker Solution Center (BSC) experts work with you to develop biomarker strategies and solutions, from discovery through commercialization, to support your drug development needs. We can identify gaps and provide mitigation strategies to build a customized strategy that integrates biomarkers across your development plan. Such a customized solution will help you meet critical endpoints faster and accelerate speed to market.

Unrivaled access to laboratory testing technologies

Across Covance and LabCorp, our extensive global laboratory testing capabilities range from standard clinical laboratory and safety testing to esoteric and complex biomarker testing including exploratory / fit-for-purpose to GLP/GCLP and CAP/CLIA.  Our comprehensive suite of biomarker capabilities span the spectrum of biomarker testing – including DNA, RNA and proteins – from single analyte to multiplex testing. We leverage a wide array of platforms and technologies, including Next Generation Sequencing, transcriptional profiling, RNA sequencing, flow cytometry, serum testing of proteins and anatomic pathology. Our BSC experts can also work with you in transferring proprietary assays dependent on your needs. Together, we can leverage these capabilities to customize assay solutions to help optimize the drug development plan. 

An experienced approach to biomarker development

Leverage our extensive, multidisciplinary knowledge in biomarkers and therapeutic area expertise to help define and design a comprehensive biomarker strategy tailored specifically to your development needs. Our experts engage with you early in the process to identify and build the right biomarker solution across multiple therapeutic areas including cardiovascular, metabolic, immunology and oncology