Decentralized Clinical Trials: A Transformational Approach for You and Your Patients

Covance is constantly striving to evolve its clinical trial model to better adapt to the ever-changing drug development landscape. We’re committed to combining flexible processes, advanced analytics and deep expertise to provide best-in-class support to our partners.

In light of this commitment, our Decentralized Clinical Trials model provides you with a more patient-centric approach to study design and execution, essential in the world of COVID-19 and beyond. With our seamlessly integrated, technology-enabled systems and with services drawn from across the LabCorp enterprise, we give you the virtual trials solutions you need. Our clinical solutions are fully integrated with Covance and LabCorp’s unparalleled global network of laboratories.

Our innovative solution is designed around the patient to increase patient reach and diversity, optimize patient engagement and retention, improve data quality and streamline operational delivery to accelerate time to market for new therapies.

New Capabilities from Acquisition of snapIoT

Reducing burden to create better clinical trials

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Covance’s Decentralized Clinical Trials offering is designed around the patient, helping increase retention, reduce physician and participant burden, and deliver better scientific outcomes through increased trial diversity.

Managing and Decreasing Risk

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From guiding partners through reimagining clinical trial delivery, to ensuring your trial is equipped to accommodate the demands of the current pandemic, Covance has developed a best-in-class risk management solutions toolkit. 

Getting to market, on time and on budget

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Our broad optimization toolbox provides an array of innovative technology solutions designed to shorten timelines and increase efficiency for easier and faster recruitment, allowing for seamless adjustment to accommodate any budgeting or timeline needs.

A Built-in, Not Bolted-on Approach to Virtual / Decentralized Clinical Trials

  • Our fully integrated and comprehensive patient-centric trial solution gives you technologies and services in-house, including ambulatory care service and mobile nursing
  • An integrated, enterprise-wide approach to trial design and execution helps maintain connectivity between science, therapeutic expertise and regulatory acumen
  • Experience with more than 15,000 clinical trials, Covance Central Laboratory Services, combined with LabCorp’s unparalleled network of specialty laboratories across the globe gives you the depth and breadth of support you need
  • Seamless integration allows us to shorten time to implementation and enable more streamlined experiences for patients, sites and sponsors, while preserving the patent life of your drug
  • Our versatile approach enables you to increase efficiencies and reduce cost of deployment by customizing solutions to fit your particular study design and integration
  • A centralized platform enables data from disparate systems to be collected, stored and analyzed in one location, while innovative technology solutions adjust and scale according to the protocol design and requirements of your study
  • Flexible delivery models and a strong in-house technological infrastructure enable more optimized clinical trials, global scalability and rapid adaptation to evolving trial models
  • Data that enables near real-time decision making accelerates timelines and reduces waste 
  • Over 1,900 LabCorp Patient Service Centers across the US bring the trial to the patient. We deliver mobile phlebotomy and nursing services in over 65 countries, and expedite the use of mobile clinical trial technologies to increase patient retention and reduce administrative burdens
  • Reduced travel distance and increased remote participation lowers patient burdens and improves site efficiency
  • Our dedicated patient support ecosystem and real-time engagement between patients, caregivers and other trial stakeholders improve patient and sponsor experiences
  • The Covance Patient Intelligence Database helps you incorporate the patient voice into the design of clinical trials, while our proven record of success in direct-to-patient recruitment gives you the confidence you need to bolster your recruiting efforts and reach more patients
  • Easier patient participation creates a more diverse range of potential patients, improving the scientific outcomes of your clinical trials
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