Phase IV

Reaching the market isn’t the end of the road for your molecule. Covance Phase IV solutions ensure your molecule’s potential is fully realized.

  • Generating and communicating evidence to enhance patient care and product value.

  • A patient-centric approach to product commercialization. 

  • Expertise, quality and compliance to minimize timelines and mitigate risk. 

Photo of a Covance scientist working with a beaker containing drug samples.
Your Needs

Your product’s lifecycle journey is our top priority. Only Covance can deliver a continuum of capabilities for your early development, preclinical, clinical, launch and post-marketing support needs.

You’re not looking for just any experts — you want a flexible and consultative approach with the right team who can support your products unique needs. We provide seasoned teams with relevant scientific and therapeutic expertise. Our decades of experience and end-to-end offerings in late-phase and post-marketing operations helps you rest assured that your product’s are launched on time, with high quality and the value of your product is communicated to all your stakeholders.

In today’s complex environment, choosing a vendor that has rich scientific knowledge backed by state-of-the art processes and technologies is hard to find. Our unique approach offers clients the insight and expertise they need to make informed decisions throughout the entire product lifecycle.