Clinical Drug Safety

Safety first — throughout the development process.

Our number one priority is to keep patients safe. We provide more than twenty years experience providing global safety services in conjunction with clinical trial conduct.

A common approach to safety, no matter the geography.

Our teams are located in three regions — the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific — and operate with single, global management and common SOPs.

Photo of pills typically seen in a Covance clinical drug safety test.

Our Global Product Safety team empowers you with the following services:

  • Drug, biologics, device and vaccine safety
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Safety surveillance
  • Pre-marketing safety throughout clinical trials
  • Post-marketing safety
    • Spontaneous and literature reports
    • Surveillance studies
  • Databasing
  • Clinical trial risk management
  • Crisis management/product recall/withdrawal and safety litigation
  • Trend and signal detection

Mitigate risk with our dedicated pharmacovigilance staff.

We bring in-depth experience of safety reporting in clinical studies and post-marketing surveillance. Our staff members have experience in safety, clinical research, data management and regulatory affairs. They have life science degrees, including nursing, pharmacy and medical technology.