Adaptive Trial Design

Proactively plan the course of your clinical trial to reduce risk and uncover greater efficiencies.

  • Leverage state-of-the-art statistical modeling

  • Design a more cost-effective development strategy  

  • Identify your most promising pathway faster

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Your Needs

Adaptive trial design is gaining traction as a more effective and predictable approach to accelerate timelines and improve success rates. The method employs accumulating data to redirect your trial’s course—earlier—so you’ll quickly reach go/no-go decisions and focus on more promising outcomes. Let’s work together to extract more efficiency from your trial and get answers to your critical clinical questions.

Maintaining ongoing validity and data integrity is key. You need a partner who meticulously pays attention to your statistical and procedural requirements from end to end. Our team includes statistical, regulatory, medical and operational experts who instill scientific rigor into your adaptive clinical trial so you can maintain confidence in your decisions ahead. 

Adaptive design isn’t intended for every trial. But when it’s appropriate—and performed correctly—it can reap substantial savings. We deliver higher value by applying extensive simulations to eliminate ineffective studies and hone in on the right dose, test population and sample size as your trial unfolds. Combined with electronic data capture and integrated monitoring, you can take advantage of statistical and technological advances to proactively improve predictability and increase your probability for success.

Our Capabilities

Building off the pillars of patient safety, data integrity and operational delivery, adaptive clinical trials also capitalize on proven Covance solutions such as Xcellerate® Monitoring and Xcellerate® Informatics. Your clinical trial will reach results faster by smartly adjusting to the best course. Together, let’s conquer clinical trial challenges to enable earlier decision making and increase your ROI, both in your study and across your entire portfolio.