Personalize your clinical trial experience with a CRO that provides a biotech drug development solution distinctly designed for the progressive biotech.

  • SPECIALIZED EXPERTISE: With specialized expertise working with biotechs across a wide range of therapeutic areas, your Clinical-Biotech team brings valuable insights specific to your indication and in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

  • A DEVOTED TEAM: Collaborate with an Executive Lead and project manager for the duration of your program. Your trial will be propelled by a passionate team, unique data sources and proven recruitment practices.

  • COLLABORATIVE ENGAGEMENT: A flexible engagement approach sets your trial up for success. Collaborate. Commence. Conduct. Conclude. That means you can stay focused on what matters most - your trial outcomes.

Personalize your clinical trial experience with Covance Clinical-Biotech

Leverage a data-driven strategy, custom contracting and manageable payment schedules to fit you and your stakeholder’s expectations. It’s streamlined with our simple 4-steps: Collaborate, Commence, Conduct and Conclude. Proven program:

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The hub, a complementary portfolio of drug development solutions designed distinctly for your nimble biotech venture, helps you realize an integrated clinical trial and ease the overall management of your program while adding value to your asset.  Where you can leverage clinical pharmacology, central lab testing, companion diagnostics and commercial/regulatory consulting services and so much more from a CRO with advanced biotech experience working with clients like you with specialized needs!

Whether you’re seeking to advance your fast-track breakthrough designated program, deliver a companion diagnostic to support patient identification or gain support for the commercialization of your drug – you can move your program forward with complementary solutions fit for your unique goal.

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