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ADME/Human AME Virtual Symposium

Join Covance and Arcinova for an engaging WebEx virtual symposium where experts will share insights in an interactive dialogue, exploring new approaches for optimizing your next ADME/hAME study.

Key Questions (But Bring Your Own Questions Too!)

  • Why are ADME/human AME (hAME) studies required?
  • What are the regulatory requirements?
  • What are the pharmacy and radiosynthesis challenges?
  • What are the benefits to using an integrated preclinical to clinical approach? 

Presentation content for each session will be the same, and we will allow time for questions. Session Duration: 75 minutes. 

  • 15 September @ 10 a.m. (UK)
  • 22 September @ 11 a.m. (UK)
  • 29 September @ 1 p.m. (UK)
John Kendrick | Director, Science & Commercial Strategy for Metabolism & Environmentalism | Covance
Catherine Laing | Associate Scientific Director for Medical & Scientific Affairs | Clinical Pharmacology Services | Covance
Eleanor Row | Head of Client Services | Arcinova