Lung Disease & Inhalation Delivery Resources

Browse the latest educational resources on lung disease, respiratory, pulmonary and inhalation delivery methods for drug and device development.

Incorporating a clinical delivery platform into a preclinical exposure device

Challenge: Incorporate a clinical delivery platform into an NHP exposure system while maintaining particle size distribution within the clinical range and a high efficiency of test article delivery. 

Reducing test article usage for a 28-day inhalation study

Challenge: Reduce the amount of test article usage by 50% for what is traditionally required in a 28-day inhalation toxicity study. Learn about the innovative device design used to decrease the internal volume by half. 

Saving over $5 million in test article usage

Challenge: Test article usage, using face masks for preclinical, was becoming extremely expensive. Using proprietary Covance equipment and methods saved the client an estimated $5 million in test article usage. 

Inhalation technology: Future of respiratory treatments

Inhaled pharmaceuticals: Comparing large & small molecule approaches

Comparison of different nebulizers

Inhalation & Respiratory Posters & Gated Research

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