Xcellerate® Trial Management

Enable critical trial management with near real time information on your trial results and execution.

Inform Your Decision Making.

  • Unite your reporting into one system

  • Access performance and reporting activities

  • Build greater efficiencies into your data management

Graphic of a screen showing Covance's Xcellerate® Trial Management clinical informatics software
Your Needs

Integrated data. Informed decision making.

As your trial is underway, you need full access to your data and the real-time performance of your systems. Xcellerate® Trial Management, in concert with other platforms within Xcellerate Clinical Trial Optimization, offers complete transparency by serving as the backbone of your trial’s most critical elements, uniting multiple platforms: 

Achieve comprehensive trial management, maintenance and reporting

View your electronically generated, regulatory compliant trial master file with role-based access to up-to-date information

Facilitate electronic standardized processing and distribution of your safety reports in this web-based workflow tool

Send electronic submissions to regulatory authorities


With the combined capabilities of Xcellerate Monitoring, Xcellerate Insights and Xcellerate Forecasting & Site Selection, Xcellerate Trial Management both powers your clinical trials and seamlessly integrates data to help you plan, prepare and report on your latest trial activity.

Crucial insights on your trial’s performance.

Whether viewing site, country or protocol level information, you need up-to-date results to empower timely, informed decision making. From enrollment results to trial execution and quality metrics across studies, facilities and even patients, Xcellerate Trial Management allows you to identify problems, actively manage risk and intervene before it affects your progress.

A complete view with full control.

Regulatory agencies expect you to show your full state of control over each and every element of your clinical trial. Our systems enable you to follow your data, reports and performance so that you can holistically view your entire trial and make predictive, proactive choices that keep your timelines on track and prepare for more robust regulatory submissions.

Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities Around-the-clock access. Timely performance.

Rely on the power of Xcellerate Trial Management to collect, validate, consolidate and integrate your clinical trial data, enabling your critical trial operational elements to work together.

With around-the-clock data access in near real time, you’ll be up to date on enrollment results and trial execution so that you can make more-informed decisions and take action to improve performance, sooner.