Food Shelf-Life Testing and Stability

Verifying your product meets label claims throughout their shelf-life validates you’ve delivered a quality product to the market. We can help. It’s good for your brand and your consumer.

Preserving shelf life quality from development to consumption.

Knowing how your samples stand up against the effects of time, temperature and humidity will protect help your brand from consumer scrutiny. Our scientists stand ready to partner and build a stability and shelf-life testing solution around your needs.

We'll work with you on shelf life testing for:

  • Chemical analysis (nutrients, active compounds, rancidity)

  • Physical properties (moisture, water activity, disintegration, hardness, etc.)

  • Organoleptic evaluation (appearance, taste, smell, color)

  • Microbiological evaluation (safety assessment, antimicrobial preservative effectiveness)

  • Monograph testing (USP or International)

  • No capacity limitations

  • Ability to perform stability studies on your entire product line

  • Custom protocol design service

  • Dedicated stability study manager

  • Trend reports

  • Fully validated environmental chambers

Photo of food and vitamins used in shelf life testing.