SampleKinect® by Covance

Virtual Information and Training Center

SampleKinect is an online client portal that allows clients to submit and review data on their terms. It features enhanced functionalities based on feedback from our clients like you. The platform is designed to make your day-to-day ordering, shipping and data activities as convenient and flexible as possible with intuitive features to fit your unique needs.

Open laptop displaying the SampleKinect® online portal logo.
SampleKinect On the Go

SampleKinect includes a mobile website accessible on most mobile device web browsers.

  • Abillty to download an icon directly to your smartphone for expedited access to your data

  • Provides you with an easy and convenient way to find in-progress testing, recently completed testing and the ability to search previous results

  • Integrates with your notification center from the main website and pushes requested notifications to your mobile site

Online Ordering

The online ordering system links your order directly into the Covance Labware system. The online ordering capability through SampleKinect allows you to browse our service offerings, see estimated delivery dates for results, view past order history and repeat orders. Intuitive ordering features also utilize your past order history to suggest choices, making your ordering experience as efficient as possible.

The system is more efficient which allows for faster visibility to your results. You have the ability to access previous orders which minimizes the need for you to re-enter information. SampleKinect employs the latest  technology to "learn" your preferences to create a faster and easier ordering experience the more you utilize the system. The platform provides online access to method descriptions and convenient notifications about upcoming new services.


In SampleKinect, you are able to receive notifications in the form or forms that best fit your needs. Choices include notifications via text messaging, email and through an online data notification center. Notification are also available on your Smartphone or tablet via our mobile website.

All notification options (text, email or web) can be configured to indicate any out-of-specification results from any sample submission. This allows you to receive out-of-specification information as soon as it available without being tied to your computer or waiting for the page to refresh.

SampleKinect allows you to receive your data as a scheduled report via Microsoft Excel file or .csv file. The interval of these reports can be customized to fit your needs — daily, weekly or monthly. The reports can also be configured to run at any time of day you choose.


The quicker your samples arrive at our testing facility, the quicker you can get your results. To that end, SampleKinect offers you more options for expedited shipping. The shipping options allow you to initiate domestic or international* shipping services and provides estimated costs based on the size of your sample packages. Options for utilizing FedEx (international or domestic) or UPS (domestic) are also offered. These shipping options are offered at a discount from standard rates. 

*International shipping locations are based on existing Covance permits. Instructions on the site guide you to the documents you need to include with your package and the ability to engage our shipping broker. In the event that you are shipping a new product not covered under current permits, please contact your Customer Service Representative to establish the permit for future shipments. Completion date for orders is 7 to 9 days after arrival at Covance.


Live Training

Contact your client services associate or contact us at +800-675-8375 for personalized training.