Restaurant and Food Service Nutrition Analysis

Whether you own one location or many, success hinges on your reputation. Count on Covance for precision menu analysis that reveals new opportunities and safeguards your brand.

Scientific insights for a restaurant brand customers love.

Together, we’ll build a plan for precise menu analysis and nutritional data that delivers specific and actionable goals. You’ll get a fresh perspective on your business that helps you grow a consistent and differentiated brand.

Market Basket Solution: The right ingredient for brand integrity.

Does every serving of your food keep its nutritional promise? Turn to our program for answers. We’ll help you develop consistent menu items across multiple stores for a consistent, nutritionally reliable and differentiated brand.

Blind point-of-purchase collection and full chain of custody controls will assure accurate and uniform testing of every product’s nutritional content, no matter which of your sites produced it.

Our precise analysis will reveal opportunities to protect and grow your greatest asset: your reputation.

Photo of a plate of onion rings.