Agricultural Biotechnology (Ag Biotech) Services

It takes a complete set of solutions to get seeds planted across the globe. Count on Covance to be there at every stage.

From field to market, a shared commitment to quality.

You benefit from best-in-class assays and expertise across the entire agricultural biotechnology segment.

Composition: Trust our analytical data to show your traditional crops didn’t change nutritionally from the transgenic crop.

Protein Expression: Count on analytical support for expression testing in the growth stages of your crops.

Grain Analytics and Diets: Get analyses for diets and grains that go into your toxicology study. We make sure your material is free of anti-nutrients and labels are compliant.

Research and Development: Call on our analytical support to develop, validate and transfer test methods that may be routine for your labs, freeing you to focus on core activities.

Traits Characterization: ELISA method development, reagent qualifications, method transfers, licensee support and troubleshooting.

Our Study Direction team is among the industry’s best. We’re ready to help guide you to completion, no matter what crops you grow.

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