Oncology, Immuno-oncology & Hematology

We address the unique challenges of oncology preclinical and clinical research, helping you to unlock new possibilities for tomorrow’s patients. 

  • Customized oncology drug development solutions for the most complex clinical trials 

  • Extensive experience across tumor types

  • Covance has successfully conducted over 720 oncology trials (including 270 IO trials) since 2012 in over 75 countries

  • Hundreds of preclinical pharmacology tumor models and cell line assays

Your Needs

Oncology has become the most research-intensive therapeutic area in drug development. Being successful in this challenging arena requires a research partner that is closely aligned with the patient-centric oncology paradigm. This new paradigm expands and improves treatment options.

  • Our unique perspective encompasses a personalized medicine approach that targets therapies to specific subsets of patients
  • The use of biomarkers in clinical oncology development provides key data for earlier decision making, setting you up for success 
  • Co-development of drugs and oncology companion diagnostics identifies patients most likely to benefit from a new drug

Innovations in cancer research have expanded and improved treatment options, yet oncology development still has the highest cost and highest failure rate for new molecular entities. We meet these challenges with experience and insights designed to deliver results. Collaborate with our team of professionals who can get your drug to the people who need it—quickly and efficiently.

clinical research in oncology at Covance

Cancer patients continue to be the hardest to recruit for clinical trials. With Covance on your team, we will be relentless in finding the right patients for your trial no matter where you need them. 

With the shift to personalized medicine and the use of biomarkers in oncology trials, quickly engaging appropriate investigators is critical to your success. The Covance Scientific Network combines expertise, speed and quality to optimize your clinical trials. You can rely on this global network of experienced investigators who excel in your specific tumor type to deliver work to meet your specific needs. In fact, our strong working relationships with investigators have resulted in our ability to reduce startup time by 25 to 30 percent and decrease time to first patient as well as total trial enrollment.

You need more than scientific expertise. You need creative, customized, complete solutions that will help you strategically plan and implement every stage of your oncology drug development plan. By leveraging our breadth, past experience and cross-functional expertise, you’ll benefit from the right combination of reliable service, end-to-end solutions and leadership.

Our Integrated Services

How do you overcome the complexities and challenges of oncology drug development? Our proven track record can help you avoid the pitfalls that derail many oncology trials. We bring extensive experience to your study from a wide range of trials across tumor types. Together, we can tailor solutions that help you navigate the increasingly complex oncology trial landscape.