Drug Development Product Value Solutions

We’ll help you maximize your product and company value by transforming data into a story to define and demonstrate the value proposition of your product — translating into a true commercial success.

  • Proactively defining the clinical, economic and humanistic value of healthcare products

  • Defining and communicating product value to healthcare payers and the stakeholders who influence them

  • Value communication solutions beginning in early development and continuing through regulatory approval, reimbursement and commercial success

Photo of a table displaying data to show your drug product's value.
Your Needs

The journey to successful commercialization of your product is changing. New economic drivers, decision makers, reimbursement models and regulations impact the way your assets move through the drug development process and the health care delivery system. Demonstrating your product value is becoming as important as establishing safety and efficacy. Reimbursement will increasingly be determined by outcomes, rather than intermediate outcomes or device utilities. Our Market Access Consulting experts provide unique perspectives to transform your drug development journey. We help you develop your product’s value story to maximize the price, access, reimbursement and market potential of your product.

While the value of your therapy may be self-evident, others may need more convincing. As early as Phase I, we help you understand your stakeholder audience, define your product’s value proposition, begin evidence generation and build a long-term story to reveal new possibilities for your product. This can help ensure the success of your product in the marketplace while positively bringing maximum value to the product for successful commercialization.

Demonstrating Your Product Value at Covance

It’s never too early to start thinking about your product's value proposition. We employ an integrated approach to market access strategy, health economic modeling, and data dissemination services that focuses on defining and communicating product value to healthcare payers and the stakeholders who influence them. We then employ our communications expertise to transform a high-level value proposition into a holistic commercial story. The result is a powerful, differentiated brand that tells the right story to the right audience at the right time.

Our Integrated Services

Our consultants provide unique perspectives, tools and experience that will help you substantiate your product and company value during key junctures of your development process, with an eye toward maximizing your value story.